About us

Gateway to the Balkans is a not-for-profit organization, founded on of the profound relationship between Israel and Montenegro. It is based on the shared values of collaborative growth, synergic development, and entrepreneurial cooperation.


Gateway to the Balkans is an international community and ecosystem. It aims to develop and extend economic, social, and technological cooperation. It strives to enable unique added-value implementation, derived from solidarity and mutual responsibility. It creates a sphere of expanded understanding among people and societies while encouraging brave leadership.


Gateway to the Balkans is committed to exploring, designing, and establishing the best ways and means to support regional development and growth based on cooperation between countries, businesses, and other organizations. While focused in Montenegro, Israel, and the Balkans, it encourages and assists international collaborations between industries, markets, and societies. By organizing think-tanks, forums and conferences, and strengthening pragmatic interoperability among its members, Gateway to the Balkans opens new horizons of creative passionate work and friendship.


Founded by Mr. Nimrod Rinot, Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Israel, Gateway to the Balkans is following this spirit since the first event “Gateway to Montenegro 2011,” organized by the Honorary Consulate in Israel.

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